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MQ-Artbox Vienna 2014

Fukushima Aquarium Monstertruck 2018

„Pueribauer’s Fukushima Aquarium“, presented in 2014 at the Art Box inside the courtyard of Vienna’s Museumsquartier, gave immediate visibility to Japan’s natural disaster caused by nuclear power in 2012. The artwork was visited by thousands of people during its two-month lifespan.

But this popular success also caught the Japanese embassy’s eye, which interpreted Pueribauer’s installation as an attack on Japan. In a letter, Japan’s representatives in Austria called it „alarming“ that Pueribauer created the impression of large numbers of malformed fish induced by contaminated water around the nuclear power plant of Fukushima. However, the manager of Vienna’s Museumsquartier, Dr. Christian Strasser, stated in his reply that Pueribauer had consciously worked with techniques of exaggeration and intensification to use resulting contradictions as a means of stimulation of the viewers‘ thought process.

The Japanese embassy trying to get rid of the Fukushima Aquarium turned into a strong incentive for the artist to expand the project and place it on a new footing: „THE WATER FUCK IS THIS TOUR“ was born, and Pueribauer put his Fukushima Aquarium on to a monstertruck weighing eight tons.

This mobile memorial shall now serve as a warning of ecological total loss by being present worldwide in as many cities as possible. The aquariums will in part also be set down and can thereby take a function reminiscent of the plague columns stemming from medieval times: as a permanent installation they will encourage confrontation with the issue of environmental protection.

„From 2012 on, in Fukushima there are still tons of highly contaminated water flowing into the ocean on a daily basis! The whole Pacific Ocean is being polluted by it“, the artist explains why the subject is still so disturbing to him. „Besides media and politics, mainly art has the possibility to reach a wider public. I understand it as my responsibility to do something for our children’s future. I won’t let some people have the cover-up that they would like to have“, Pueribauer adds with a combative stance.

The revenues of the artworks, originals, lithographies and sculptures from the series „WATER FUCK IS THIS“ will entirely be reinvested into the financing of the depicted project.